We are committed to providing high-quality care for your family member.  Each doggie is given a private sleeping run with a blanket.  Special items from home are welcomed.  Doggies are fed twice daily and get a minimum of 30 minutes of play time every 3 hours.
Daycare $12.00 per day
Daycare  3 or more days/week             $10.00 per day

Boarding - One Dog$17.00 per night
Boarding - Two Dogs       $30.00 per night
Boarding - Two Dogs (same run)        $25.00 per night
Boarding - Three Dogs or more           Will Quote

Grooming - Small Dogs             $20 - $30
                    Medium Dogs        $23 - $35
                    Large Dogs             $25 - $40
                   Giant Dogs               $35 - $45+

While we always try to accomodate each owner and doggie, sometimes we can't put more than one doggie in a run.  This depends on the size of both dogs.  We'll let you know if your doggies can be together or if they'll need to be neighbors.